5 Minutes With The 425 Park Avenue Team

425 Park Avenue, Awards for Excellence in Office Development Finalist 

Robert Lapidus, President and Chief Investment Officer, L&L Holding Company 

David Levinson, Chairman and CEO, L&L Holding Company 


Who has had the greatest influence on your career and what was the best advice he or she gave you? 

Robert Lapidus: Without a doubt my father had the greatest influence on me in my career and in life. He wanted me to do something authentic that would bring me joy and have a positive impact on others around me. His words and manners inspire me every day. 

David Levinson: My father had the greatest influence on my career.  He taught me to not be afraid to make decisions, and that it’s all about the zeros so think big. 

As a ULI NY Awards nominee, what makes you most proud of your project? 

Robert Lapidus: 425 Park was a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a 21st century office building on Park Avenue that would elevate the work experience by focusing on great architecture, health and wellness. 425 Park has attracted and will continue to attract top tier firms that care about their employees, the city and their culture. It was inspirational to work with Lord Norman Foster and see greatness in action. 

David Levinson: 425 Park has stimulated positive change on Park Avenue as first new block-front building in over 50 years. 

What about New York inspires you? 

Robert Lapidus: There is no other city like New York in the world. Our unique combination of people, art, culture, history and diversity is unlike any other place on the planet. New York inspires me every day and fuels the creative energy and intellectual curiosity that make me feel alive. 

David Levinson: The people of New York City inspire me – their drive, competitiveness, creativity and resilience.